Here’s how we built the only dating app designed to get you on dates

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This article is a follow up to “How Dating Apps Destroyed Dating.” Give it a read before this piece for more context.

In Part I, we discussed how legacy dating app design leads to wasted time, disappointment, and depression. In this article, we describe how we’ve systematically addressed each of those design flaws with our new app: The Round.

Intentional dating

The Round is built for intentional dating, and intentional dating only. No endless chatting, collecting matches for validation, drug dealers, or attention-seeking. …

Exposing the Browse-Match-Chat loop — and how to fix it

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Why do dating apps so consistently result in wasted time, missed connections, disappointment and even depression?

The answer lies in the basic design structure of the apps themselves, which hasn’t changed significantly in the 25 years since pioneered it.

The basic structure is:

  1. Generate a queue of users who match your preferences.
  2. Passively collect your “likes” and “dislikes.”
  3. When there is a mutual “like,” dump you into a private chat room with your match.
  4. Rinse and repeat.

We call this basic structure the Browse-Match-Chat Loop, and it perpetuates the dating app dysfunction — mindless swiping, dead-end chats, ghosting — that you and your tired, single friends have come to expect. …


Carissa Lintao & Brian Atwood

Team members @jointheround.

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